/Movie Review: Tubelight | What went wrong in this movie?
Tubelight Movie Review

Movie Review: Tubelight | What went wrong in this movie?

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Tubelight Cinemor Rating: 40%

Star Cast: Salman Khan, Zhu Zhu, Sohail Khan, Om Puri, Matin Rey Tangu
Director: Kabir Khan

Things to Love: This is the first time I’ve stressed myself so hard, I can hardly recall few positives from the film. SRK’s cameo, Salman’s act in the last scene, the extra-sweet Matin, camerawork, the songs Main Agar and Kintu Parantu.

Things to Hate: The script is weak, movie is way too predictable, emotions are hardly felt.

Go or No-GoWatch only if you’re a hardcore Sallu bhai fan.

After Sultan, which became one of the highest grosser of bollywood SK’s biggest film is Tubelight. Directed by Bajrangi Bhaijaan fame Kabir Khan this movie acquired huge expectation from bollywood film lovers. But after the first day of the release, the movie seams to have leveled all these expectations to the ground.

Tubelight Audience Rating: 35%

Plot: Tubelight is a nostalgic dramatization set against the scenery of World War II – is about the lives of siblings Bharat Singh Bisht (Sohail Khan) and Laxman (Salman Khan) in the anecdotal town of Jagatpur. (Note: Tubelight is an official re-make of Movie ‘Little Boy‘). The first-half of the film acquaints the audience with the happy and provincial life that Bharat and Laxman are living.

The time they spend together exemplifies the brotherhood they share, and it additionally demonstrates exactly how vital Bharat is for Laxman. He gives him guidance like a parent and cherishes him genuinely much like a important friend. But since Laxman’s mental capacities don’t run as it accomplishes for an ordinary individual, local people call him Tubelight (somebody who flickers now and again and is unrecoverable). The story gets going when Bharat goes off to war against China (1962) and will be missing in action. Edgy to have his sibling return, Laxman believes that if he keep on building his belief, he can even change the war’s course – a lesson he learnt while going to mystical performer Gogo Pasha’s performance.

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Final Verdict: Tubelight is a one time watch predictable movie. It surely can’t be a blockbuster (Sorry Fans). But the only reason why we even talk about this movie is because ‘Salman Khan’, without him the movie is a disaster.

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