/Spiderman Homecoming Movie Review: Not so ‘Hope-coming’
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Spiderman Homecoming Movie Review: Not so ‘Hope-coming’

Editor’s Rating: 2.5/5
Audience Rating: 3/5

Storyline: (Spoiler Alert)
15 year Peter Parker is mentored and guided by Tony Stark, under the guidance of Happy Hogan. Pete waits up for his next assignment after the Civil War, rather literally for more than 2 months, going out everyday at 2:45 pm after High School. Friendly neighborhood Spiderman who reports to Happy about his everyday brawls, ends up in a serious trouble when he finds out that high tech weapons are being used after the Avengers aftermath. When he finally finds out that the girl he likes is the Michael Keaton’s daughter, crap begins and the movie ends in few minutes.

What’s Good:
Tim Holland in this new Spidey movie Reboot is worth watching, who brings out his childish charm. Got to admit it that this is better than the Andrew Garfield Spiderman.

What’s Bad:
There’s no essence in the film, no sadness, no Uncle Ben and no ” With great power, comes great responsibility”. The movie just went on with jokes, at times. Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman was the best and will remain the best. But yeah, we never expected sadness in DeadPool, so we shouldn’t in this new spidey movie

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Complete Movie Review:
Tim Holland turns out to be a charmer finally giving a relief from Andrew Garfield. His innocence, childishness, demanour and his acting as a 15 year old is the second best thing that happened to Spiderman after Tobey Maguire.

There was fun in the film, but there wasn’t the emotions Spiderman needed. And there wasn’t the pain and the amount of love and there was no inspiration which had to be a base for Spiderman. There was only one dialogue which was rather just a line in the movie, ” If you’re nothing without the suit, you shouldn’t have it”

But we really thought Homecoming would turn out to be ‘Hope-coming’ but the film was completely made from a backdrop of the Avengers

Final Result:
A one time watch is enough for Spiderman Homecoming, but it was surely better than Amazing Spiderman, at least Tim Holland was better than Andrew Garfield.

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